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Issue 2: Paul Watsky

Losers' Blues

Around Lefty O'Doul's gate, once
the late innings start, there's usually a pair
of axmen competing
for spare change. First up,
his wheelchair wedged near escape gaps
in the fence bars, a clueless
honker's Happy Birthday Mary
Had a Little Lamb. I save my buck
for the Take Me Out
to the Ballgame virtuoso quietly
tinkering with his reed who can
empathize, like he sat beside me these
four fogdripping garbagetime
summers, some slob's chewed-up
peanut shells eddying
around our feet, knows that going
back to June I've witnessed six
straight butcheries, and tonight
before the stretch, shamble off
terminal from a quartet of Giants'
errors amped by their failure
to collect a second hit. This streetwise

Joshua blew his horn
during vanished years of hope, meaningful
seasons when hopefulness wasn't
monopolized by imbecile
true fans: down half-a-dozen,
two outs, bottom of the ninth, the 7-
hole batter whiffs but
on a passed ball reaches first-
and now these shirtless
screamers drifting among
empty seats decide
it's rally time. I drop
my Washington in his sax case. The music
guy and I exchange
looks, a shoulder bump. I walk,
he works-My Favorite Things

      --Paul Watsky

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