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Issue 2: Sherry O'Keefe

In a moment’s notice

I caught a flight on Alaska Airlines from Montana
to Oregon to help the man I love
help his father pass away.  Getting there
is not easy.  Billings to Helena to
Seattle to Portland to a remote coast

hours from any hospital. It was not yet
morning. The cabin was still
and dark. While we were in Montana airspace,
beer was complimentary.  As there weren’t many
of us, we each had our own row and reached

to salute one another with our plastic cups,
tossing back wishes for soft landings and clear
passage. Crossing Idaho, a grandmother in 15E
watched her son in the next row help his toddler kneel
by the window, waiting for the edge of the ocean

to appear. He wondered out loud how it would feel.
Ocean water lapping Seattle’s shore.  This salt
water with channel markers- how would it taste
and would he get a drink? His father told him
probably not, but Grandma whispered yes. 

--Sherry O’Keefe

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