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Issue 1: George Bishop


She didn’t say anything
that hadn’t been said before.
However, this time more roads
had been closed and the animal
in me began to look up, take notice,
through not so innocent eyes.

We’d both seen it coming
though from different directions.
In the end it didn’t matter,
all the answers had long since
pulled over and begun the endless
walk home.

She asked if I wanted anything
and I said nothing because
I wanted everything—
I could only think of
door and window locks,
the roof, foundation and walls

that once made leaving
something staged, an event
that took us to the far reaches
of another room, a drama
we both tried to direct
but only produced.

We’d become our real names
and that’s all we knew
one another by, individuals
neither of us would think
of stopping to ask directions
or even the time.

--George Bishop

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1 comment:

  1. yes, you have captured the sadness and weirdness of this experience beautifully.

    --maxima kahn


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