Untitled Country Review (ISSN 2152-7903), published quarterly during 2010-2013, features poetry, book reviews, photography, and short works of non-fiction. Thank you for visiting.

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The greatest ownership of all is to glance around and understand.
                                                                        – William Stafford

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Untitled Country Review. The response to our first call for submissions was outstanding. We received over two hundred poems from the United States, Canada and the UK. Thanks to all who submitted their work!

Issue 1 contains new poetry from award-winning authors, emerging poets, and one writer for whom this is his first publication. I am also pleased to present a review of Catherine Kasper’s brilliant book, NOTES from the COMMITTEE (Noemi Press, 2009). 

The poems in this inaugural issue, both individually and collectively, embody the vision that I have for the journal -- an untitled country where "ownership" is as simple as looking around and seeing the world in a new light.  

All the best,


Scot Siegel, Editor