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Issue 2: Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

Flowering Plum

What sent you to bend under the weight

of your arms? Always reaching for alluvium.

It’s not that you’re unwanted, only

unrecognizable uncared for.

Your promised greens 

plummet into deep purple, 

they flood with color, clots

clinging on your white-molded boughs

which break to my touch. Stalled vehicle, 

dark stain on the linen ochres of sky
cut by planes, satellites–-those mechanical genies.

Where is your herald of flowers?

Why should the caterpillars love you more 

than this oak, uncrippled and not fraught? 

The crickets chirp in the shade of your trunk’s tall grasses

where it is always night; continually

they string their bows to magnify your silence. 

--Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

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