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Issue 2: Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

The Inbox

I check again.

This time there are three emails, 

one telling me how much

happier I will be when I am tan,

another urging me to reconnect

with former classmates  

who now have strange sounding names, 

the last reminds me 

of my son’s birthday tomorrow. 

From outside the cat scratches 

at the door, little carpetbagger, 

rug-pisser I found sleeping under my tire

one morning before it was too late.

Curled up on herself and dark

as charcoal, at first she appeared
as an oil stain. 

She knows I am somewhere

inside the quiet hum of empty house

amid the primary colors of balloons,

only blues and greens to her.

Maybe she wonders why I sit for so long

facing the wall, or why the sounds of the TV

put me to sleep at night.

Mostly she is waiting for me to let her in,

to love her.

--Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

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