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Issue 2

Come on in. The water’s fine…

“The ideal poem is enjoyable to read aloud. It has elements of light and dark, and it reveals some truth greater than the sum of its parts. The ideal poem takes us into some uncharted territory and reveals the world we think we know in a new light.”
                        - UCR Interview with Duotrope, July 12, 2010

I am pleased to present the second issue of Untitled Country Review. Our summer collection examines more uncharted territory. Here, we find David Chorlton glimpsing through desert fences lightning drawing maps on the sky. Here, we meet J.P. Dancing Bear in the warmth of a den of foxes and watch “dawn coming through the open arms of trees." 

And it's not all about nature, friends. Turn these pages and discover Paul Watsky leaning on a gate at a Giants’ game, the hometown team in a slump, but there's jazz on the streets of San Francisco!  And, here, we find bluegrass and country, summer swimming holes and covered wagons. We have love and death and reservation drums; discrimination and salvation. Here we find Little Red Riding Hood, ancient sacred texts, Aerosmith’s "Sweet Emotion," and a fertility goddess… 

And much more… So come on in, enjoy the summer fun!


Scot Siegel, Editor

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