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Issue 2: David Chorlton

Postcards from Along the Fence


This is a nice enough spot
to spend a few days
if you like sparse vegetation
and perspective.
When nobody else is around
the fence appears so natural
you’d think it had been here first
and the desert was planted around it.


Some people say the fence is ugly,
that it spoils the view
toward the mountains in the south,
but when you think of it as art
it becomes a river of steel
flowing between banks of light
and there’s no way short of magic
to get across.


Yesterday we stopped off
to see the graveyard
for the nameless ones
who died while crossing over.
There are plenty of vacancies.
You just climb into the hole
and someone comes along
to bury you. You don’t even
need papers.

--David Chorlton

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