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Issue 5: Welcome

Welcome to the Spring-Summer Issue of Untitled Country Review. Starting with this issue we are on a semiannual publication schedule. That means twice per year. The intent is to feature more poems accompanied by art in each issue, and more visual art (photography, paintings, graphic design, etc.) in general.

Please see the updated Submission Guidelines.

Annual Report
Thank you for making the journal a success over the past year. Now here are the important stats. Please note, these are not “bullets”; they are onyx marbles:
  • We have approximately 300-400 loyal readers, i.e., those who look at more than the table of contents in each issue.
  • We have consistently published between 6-12 poets and one or two features/reviews per issue.
  • Our contributors include a state Poet Laureate, a winner of the National Book Award, a first-time-in-print teenage author, people who work with their hands, people who teach, and people who have given up conventional work to write full-time.
  • The journal continues to be available worldwide for free.
  • Our balance sheet shows that we have no assets and no liabilities. Our balance sheet lies! We are indebted to all of our contributors, including those who submitted work but whose work was not selected during the past year. 
You have made my job difficult and I am grateful for that. You have made Untitled Country Review a vibrant poetry “marketplace,” an important part of the Gift Economy.

Welcome to the Spring-Summer 2011 Issue of Untitled Country Review!

With Gratitude,


Scot Siegel, Editor

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