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Issue 6: Scott T. Starbuck

by Paula Lietz


Deer carcass,
cougar track.

Blue heron feathers,
coyote track.

Shura’s ashes in river,
flowers in stone.

Eagle shadow,
no eagle.

How to fish the wind

You start by listening 40 years
so it can put you through enough
to see if you are worthy
of what it has to say.

Most people can’t listen that long
so they have to get the message
second hand from the trees.

The “Sign” poem is based on Scott T. Starbuck’s partner, the painter and writer Shura Young, who died on April 27, 2011.  Shura Young's paintings are at The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery. Starbuck’s clay art is at The Spirit of the Salmon Fund, and he maintains a web site and 31-minute interview at Poets & Writers Directory.

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