Untitled Country Review (ISSN 2152-7903), published quarterly during 2010-2013, features poetry, book reviews, photography, and short works of non-fiction. Thank you for visiting.

Issue 6: Contents


“First Snow” -- poem by Sarah Rehfeldt, reviewed by Scot Siegel

Poetry, Part 1: How to fish the wind
Vanessa Blakeslee               “To Aaron”
Robert Lietz                        “The Understanding”
Tobi Cogswell                     “This Kitchen”
                                            “Our Grandson Seeks Respite from Humidity”
Scott T. Starbuck                 “Sign”
                                             “How to fish the wind”
Judith Barrington                 “Almassera Night”
Scott Owens                         “Beautiful Tree”
Sherry O’Keefe                    “Squint”

Book Reviews
Ann Tweedy                         On Account of Darkness, by Joseph Soldati
Brian Doose                          Evensong, by Ingrid Wendt

Poetry, Part 2: Departures and Equatorial Waters
M.J. Iuppa                            “The Bees”
David Filer                           “from Weather Notes”
Kristin Berger                      “Inside-Out”
Michael Wynn                      “Hunting”
Paul Watsky                          “Babyjesus Day”
David Chorlton                     “Aftermath”
Chad Haskins                       “Credit Score”
Lex Runciman                      “Equatorial Waters”
Robert Lietz                          “Toward Platinum”
Alyse Bensel                         “While Waiting for an Oil Change”
                                              “We Pretend Like We Lounge Naked 
                                                   in the Grass Every Day”

Art                       Art in this issue is from Paula Lietz, Sarah Rehfeldt, and Scot Siegel

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