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Issue 6: Paul Watsky

by Paula Lietz

Babyjesus Day

The year’s been good
to garbage birds—ravens
in the hood, gulls at
the beach. Life, oh

sacred life, pro-
liferates. And the sun
shines through my dirty
upstairs windows. And

a crisp breeze pro-
vokes my ugly
down volunteer

cherry tree out there
in the yard to give
me a tense little before-
breakfast wave.

Paul Watsky is the author of full-length poetry collection, Telling The Difference (Fisher King Press, 2010) and three chapbooks, the most recent being Extra Innings (Interpoezia, 2010), on the subject of baseball. His poems and translations have appeared in Asheville Poetry Review, The Pinch, Natural Bridge, Alabama Literary Review, and elsewhere.

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