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Issue 6: David Chorlton

by Paula Lietz


A pleasure boat rests
on a building’s roof;

two vehicles lie still
like a pair of dice
rolled for luck;

the people waiting
to buy food
all turn their faces toward
the burning power plant;

two white umbrellas move
across a bare patch
among acres of destruction;

a house sails away
with its front window
facing the sky;

coffins float in pale rows
on a blue floor;

a finger traces the names
on lists pinned to a wall

and a man in his ceramic store
holds two halves of a plate
to show the jagged fault line
where it broke.

David Chorlton lived in England and Austria before moving to Arizona in 1978. After publishing several poetry collections, his newest book is The Taste of Fog, from Rain Mountain Press, his first work of fiction, and the result of a long-standing interest in Vienna’s shadow side.

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