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Issue 7 - One-Act - Lisa Atchison

Opening Night

Last Friday I went to watch my dad & sister play. The familiar images that canopy
the inside --a winged man shooting for the stars; fish leaping through art deco waves; nude 
men & women on galloping horses draped in jungle foliage--coupled with the "ballsy" 
(heavy on the brass!) instrumental, must have lulled my subconscious back in time, 
brought the worn etch of symphony landscape back to life in my mind's eye; because 
when I picked up the compact theatre binoculars and followed them to the last riser 
in the back, second horn in from the right, I was surprised to see an older, spectacled, 
white-haired man in place of my subliminal expectation--a youthful man with fuller, 
darker hair--and I quickly turned my gaze to a nameless face nearby to stop
the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

--Lisa Atchison

Lisa Atchison grew up in Oakland/Piedmont, California, graduated from Holy Names University with a BA in History. She currently lives with her 15-year-old son in her hometown and works as a Travel Manager for a television production technology company in San Francisco.

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