Untitled Country Review (ISSN 2152-7903), published quarterly during 2010-2013, features poetry, book reviews, photography, and short works of non-fiction. Thank you for visiting.

Issue 7 - Contents

Ghost Ranch, NM


Lauren Camp -- “The Desert Has Come to Define Me”

Lisa Atchison – “Opening Night”
Thomas Zimmerman -- “Devolution”
Ruth Gooley -- “Anniversary Gift”
Melissa Madenski -- “Conference”

Featured Poet -- Introduction
Lauren Camp -- “A Full Sentence of Paint”
Lauren Camp -- "Settling Under a Yellowwood Tree"
Lauren Camp -- “At Echo Canyon”
Lauren Camp -- “A Form of Light”
Lauren Camp -- “Rail Runner Express Crash On 1-25 South Of Santa Fe”
Lauren Camp -- “The Dailiness”

Vanessa Frisinger -- “Shared Stories”
Crystal Stuvland -- “On Resurrection Sunday”
Karla Linn Merrifield -- “Entering the San Juan below Montezuma Creek”
Karla Linn Merrifield -- “Painting on Rice Paper with Wax”
Debra Shirley -- “Promised Land”
Sara Clancy -- “Four Rooms”
George Ovitt -- “Here’s How We Did It”
George Ovitt -- “Luck”
Changming Yuan -- “Steeper See-Saws: A Parallel Poem”

Cover: Ghost Ranch, NM
Photographs: by Scot Siegel