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Issue 7 - Melissa Madenski


In a room with big windows,
heavy, brown drapes
pull tight across glass,

glow at the edges
where light strains to enter.

The speaker sways as if holding
a baby he wants to soothe
while my mind is in Canada
at a park with my late husband,

watching him push our daughter
in a swing for babies.

Our son runs back and forth
between the big boy
swing and hers. 

In less than two months,
he would be dead,
her father, his father.

Had he lived, this scene
may have been forgotten
in a life filled with family
memories. His death

preserved the park as it was,
sun-dappled fir, the drapes
wide open, letting in the light.

--Melissa Madenski

Melissa Madenski's essays, poems and stories have appeared in regional and national periodicals and anthologies. She has taught workshops throughout the Northwest and in public and independent schools.

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  1. Love the leap from the dry, conference room setting to the poignantly personal moment--lovely, moving poem.


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