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Issue 7 - Ruth Gooley

Anniversary Gift

Waterfall mute,
striders pulled up short,
wings as still as airless kites,
our toes tickled
by the drought-worn
            But blessings blossom
here. The petal of your kiss,
the wind’s comb
tangling the brown hair
of the forest floor,
the latticework of our hands.

--Ruth Gooley

Ruth Gooley, a native of Venice, California, published her dissertation, The Image of the Kiss in French Renaissance Poetry, and has published poems in Pure Francis, Poecology, The Red Poppy Review, vox poetica, nibble, Common Sense 2, The Corner Club Press, Apollo's Lyre, Ibbetson Street Press, and Hobble Creek Review. She has forthcoming poems in Snowy Egret, Literary Fever, and Up the Staircase, among others.

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