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Issue 7 - Sara Clancy

Four Rooms

I had a room
made of lilac sprays,
fireflies, bed ruffles
and rows of eyes
that fastened
me to my

I had a room
made of pond water,
where duckweed leaned
above me like a fort
and on the surface
possum nails clicked
the sandstone path
like falling jacks.

I had a room
made of lyrics
scrawled on the slanted eaves
of my adolescence
and they demanded
and euphonious

I have a room
made of worry,
king snakes and coatimundi
and I'm here to tell you
that from the inside
these saguaro ribs
look like bars.

--Sara Clancy

Sara Clancy's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in various journals such as The Smoking Poet, Poetry Breakfast, Teemings, The Madison Review and Houseboat. She lives in the Desert Southwest with her husband, their dog and a 20 year old goldfish named Darryl.

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  1. Remarkable poem. Good work.

  2. I love the bed ruffles and lilac sprays!!!!
    Makes me smile.......

  3. I love the descriptions and turn on words. Says so much about youth, growing up & adulthood. Really like it!


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