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Issue 7 - Lauren Camp

A Form of Light

            Four thousand blossoms
            all yellow
                        knit over route 94

            weaves into wheat
                        through acres of honey-soaked

                        The dead rise from curves and dips
of their red pinwheels

I care to be not at the center
but the edges

            in ragged light

                        where seeds remove the ground
            and fall erases its rewards

What is gold sugar and crimson
will turn brown

                        I know
it is about to happen

            I ask to drink from a white cup
            and hear words
                                    discuss what they know

            Sun bounces off piñon
to touch my glasses

--Lauren Camp

Featured Poet, Lauren Camp is the author of the poetry collection, This Business of Wisdom (West End Press), and is the host/producer of “Audio Saucepan,” a weekly music/poetry show on KSFR-FM. She is also a visual artist. Lauren blogs about poetry and its intersections with art and music at Which Silk Shirt. She lives in a rural farming village near Santa Fe. www.laurencamp.com

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