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Issue 7 - Lauren Camp

                                     At Echo Canyon 
(Abiquiu, New Mexico)

Slick rock lost rock
sun on rock and piled rock
dominant rock sediment rock bedding rock
million year lithospheric sculpture of rock
firepit of rock
and us sitting in the curve of rock
each word bouncing against rock
a crooked rock trespassing through chasm of rock
the grand earth geologic process of rock
sorted into ambiguous rock
we keep placing our secrets in rock
rock cascade painted rock
transcendent rock smart rock thick rock solid rock
neighborly rock the last open rock
salt rock haunted rock
civilized rock outcropped rock
rock cove rough-skinned rock
and knobby knobby motionless
sun-scoured rock
drunken convoluted rock suffering rock
slipped rock tender rock baby rock
stuck rock
plain rock broken rock
untamed rock rock rushed from an old river
rock calendar middle-aged rock Medicaid rock
single rock parent rock
shy rock fixed rock disagreeing rock
ragged rock weary rock
resting rock sweet rock sensitive rock
rock drift depraved rock attentive rock
safe rock thinking rock
rock bluff walking rock original rock
mute rock meditating rock
rock bible holy rock rock world
constant rock companion rock clay rock
colored rock fossiled rock
lonely rock ready rock formal rock
lying rock
lying rock
sorry rock to forgiving rock

                                                                  --Lauren Camp

Featured Poet, Lauren Camp is the author of the poetry collection, This Business of Wisdom (West End Press), and is the host/producer of “Audio Saucepan,” a weekly music/poetry show on KSFR-FM. She is also a visual artist. Lauren blogs about poetry and its intersections with art and music at Which Silk Shirt. She lives in a rural farming village near Santa Fe. www.laurencamp.com

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