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Issue 3: Catherine McGuire

            a terzanelle

From the streams where they spawned;
from wide rivers where they say
you could walk across on them – gone

like ink fading on a page;
photos, graying, know the tale
From wide rivers, gone, they say.

Yaquina, Rogue, Deschutes, Nehal-
em: liquid silver journeys fade.
Photos, graying, show the tale

but, mute, salmon can not persuade
us to act decisively before
those liquid silver journeys fade

for good. And still we ignore
the fade of silver that should have caused
us to act decisively, before?

We’ll tell our children what an awesome
parade of silver; fishy causeway
up the streams where they spawned.
“You could walk across on them.” Gone.

--Catherine McGuire

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