Untitled Country Review (ISSN 2152-7903), published quarterly during 2010-2013, features poetry, book reviews, photography, and short works of non-fiction. Thank you for visiting.

Issue 3: Contents



“Aviary” -- Brittney Corrigan

“Riding the rapids” -- Melissa Madenski

“Girl on a Bus” -- Lauren Camp

“what rain hears” --Laura Winter

“Two Day Rain” -- Lex Runciman

“Local Shaman” -- Scott T. Starbuck

“Elevenmile” -- Ray Succre
“The Georgia Slither”  -- Ray Succre

“Getting to Work” -- Lucia Galloway
“Hosting the Duke at the Cotton Club, circa 1929”  -- Lucia Galloway

“Guilty of You Being More Than I Can Handle”  -- Terry Brix

“Afterimage”  -- Catherine McGuire
“Unobtanium”  -- Catherine McGuire

Issue 3 features ceramic artwork by Scott Starbuck and photography by Scot Siegel.