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Issue 7 - Lauren Camp

Ghost Ranch, NM

A Full Sentence of Paint
(“Pelvis IV” by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1944, oil on masonite)

On her way to the sun, she meets a scavenger hawk
circling the leftover shadow of a lone hip.

A clock chimes inside the woman’s blue season.

The canvas of sky stretches taut. One hand folds
onto the left side of her bent body, wrinkling into bone.

She paints the syntax of paint:
a boundless vowel of blue and the mute reason of white.

She is soaked in a flat mountain of sage.
Centuries are skylines of suggestion.

After three attempts,
she paints the edges first, bone hole last.

On a boat of blue churning through juniper, she floats
out of the picture and into the razored sound of the sun.

Tubes of indigo draw out half-night.

She hikes back through miles of cow hips and elm roots,
wearing the dirty blouse of the sun.

The moon is shaded, but whole in the basin of bone.

--Lauren Camp

Featured Poet, Lauren Camp is the author of the poetry collection, This Business of Wisdom (West End Press), and is the host/producer of “Audio Saucepan,” a weekly music/poetry show on KSFR-FM. She is also a visual artist. Lauren blogs about poetry and its intersections with art and music at Which Silk Shirt. She lives in a rural farming village near Santa Fe. www.laurencamp.com

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